Javier López Barbosa Statement

Painting abstract for me is about freedom. Allowing my imagination to flow and letting the process of creation guide me. I start with the first color that comes to mind, using an inner guide that advises me to just let it be, and enjoy the process. The miracle of being in the moment starts, time vanishes, and I engage in the bliss of creating.
Letting this process guide me, my goal is to inspire those who view my work, to feel what I feel and allow them to sense the pleasure of these emotions and discover the connection between them.
As my work evolves, my vision is to awaken enjoyment in the world as well as myself.

Javier López Barbosa Biography

Born and raised in Mexico, Javier López Barbosa developed an enduring and early creative streak, recalling that he had the constant urge to create. Some of his earliest memories were projected images of himself as an adult artist. Today, Barbosa’s exuberantly abstracted arrangements of bold colors and loose brushstrokes make him one of the most distinctive non-objective painters practicing in the Southwest.
Barbosa’s paintings dedicated to free expression of his ideas feature singularly glossy surfaces that draw us in and urge us to focus on the roiling, dynamic compositions beneath which seem to spread out beyond the edges of the canvas. Barbosa has perfected a beautiful mixed media on canvas technique that could be best viewed as an outgrowth of glazing. The paintings project a lucidity that deploys color in large fields with incorporations of texture and form that expands upon the tendency of Color Field painting within Abstract Expressionism.
A desire for transcendence and the infinite, Javier’s paintings exploit the expressive power of color and communicate intense emotions that come from within and allow the viewer to interpret their own experience and see within them something deep, beyond the colors in the painting. “It doesn’t matter what we do, but most importantly how we do it and how we connect with it,” he says.
The work of Javier López Barbosa has been exhibited for decades with collectors worldwide. Barbosa made Santa Fe, New Mexico, his home in 1990 and continues to find inspiration in the brilliant light and dramatic scenery of the Southwest.